Helen :D (pinkwafer) wrote in mornington,
Helen :D

If both parties wish to continue play, we break off for a duel restricted to the Wimbledon branch of the District Line.

Oh dear.

Aren't we playing by the Morsundi rules? Under which if the deserting party wishes to resume play, they must first perform any deed for the replacement party, barring anything that would permanently remove them from the game, (death, apparition to the Sahara, amnesia), and then the deserter may rejoin, if the deed was performed to the replacement's satisfaction, after the replacement although they must yield any stations that fall under the Northam rules, section 3. (Any wild stations, parks that contain more than three ponds or lakes, and any piece of nature less than 46.5 years old, Burnt Oak counting from birth to burning.)

I guess not.

In which case, would someone enlighten me as to the rules by which this duel will be played? Are the parks still wild or do we revert to an untouched board for the duel? (Surely it would be unfair to keep the current game restrictions in play; having the parks wild severely restricts moves due to diagonal shunting, or lack thereof.)
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