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Mornington Crescent
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Welcome to the Mornington Crescent community, where livejournal members can play the game with other users.

Fans of 'I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue' will no doubt be familiar with the game itself, but I'd also like to lay down a few community-specific guidelines:

* I'll post to announce the start of each game (stating which particular version of the game will be used, naturally). Anyone who wishes to join in should reply to said post within 24 hours.

* Play will then proceed in the order in which players replied. Each player has 24 hours in which to take their turn. If no move is made within 24 hours of the previous move, play passes to the next person.

* Post a seperate entry for each turn. Use the comment feature to comment on or question a move.

*Only players who requested to join a game may play. If you join the community mid-game, please wait for the end of the game before posting.

*Game ends, obviously, with 'Mornington Crescent'.

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